Financing Options with Klarna

I am able to offer different types of financing options to all of my customers through my partnership with Klarna financing company. 

At checkout Klarna offers my customers multiple financing options. One option is for the customer to finance the items purchased in their cart for 30 days with no additional charge to the customer, this is the PAY LATER option at checkout. Klarna will put up the money up front and the customer has to pay the total financed amount in 30 days or the customer will have to pay a financing fee and late fees. If the customer pays everything off in 30 days then no finance charges or fees will be charged to the customer.


The second option is to finance your purchase with the Klarna slice it option. With this option you can make payments broken down into 4 payments divided by the total of your purchase. This option does not charge the customer any interest fees or financing fees.


The third option is to finance the customer's purchase over 6 months for 9.99% APR. This option can also be extended to 18 months for the same 9.99% APR financing fee.


All of these options will be available to all of my customers at checkout when you choose which option to use to pay for your purchase. 

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